Founded in 2010, Wess Holdings is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with a strong vision to evolve as one of the nation’s leading edge SDB’s. The Wess Holdings Corporation brings a variety of extensive experience, which includes over 50 years in industrial distribution experience and 25 plus years in government contracting experience supporting our operations. Lynn Wess had proudly served the United States Navy as an Aviation Administrative Assistant and Plane Captain with extensive experience in Quality Assurance.

Wess Holdings is certified by the Office of Veteran Affairs as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). Our vision is to provide a strategic alliance for a joint venture and teaming arrangement opportunities by enhancing the value of our customer programs through products, services and quality performance.




Lynn (or Wess as he is most commonly known) is the founder of Wess Holdings. After serving for 4 years in the US Navy as an Aviation Administrative Assistant and Plane Captain on the F/A-18 – including extensive experience in Quality Assurance, Wess left the service and began his post military career. Mentored by some key men in his life, he quickly made the decision to pursue the American Dream and became an entrepreneur, launching his own business. Wess’ goal was and is to build a holding company that made a difference for his family and for the many others that he came into contact with as employees, customers, and business associates. Wess has achieved his goal but never rests, knowing he has more to achieve. His passion is applied to his efforts daily as he leads Wess Holdings.

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